Modern and Airy

The lines of this venue present a beautiful, clean and modern take on the cozy barn you know and love. The Cinnamon Barn in Princeton (near McKinney), TX delivers a versatile, open an dairy event space that's perfect for hosting a large wedding comfortably. As a photographer, I couldn't have asked for a better place to make photographs, the windows and large white walls allowed for great lighting inside to capture crisp beautiful images. I would definitely recommend this venue for a large private event. The Cinnamon Barn's versatility, open design, and vast grounds provide the perfect venue for all your favorite people.

Bright and Wide-Open

I got to help with photographing a wedding not too long ago. Below are a few pictures of the interior and the set up for the ceremony space that day. The wide shot below gets me every time and really exemplifies how balanced the lighting in the space is, and how beautiful the space can become.